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EYE TO EYE with John Wallace
Our weekly column in "The Oban Times" gives you useful information on different aspects of vision and eyecare.

EYE TO EYE with John Wallace


(originally published 27.05.04, The Oban Times)

The tourist season is now well under way. We can tell by the numbers of visitors who have either lost or broken their spectacles or contact lenses. They never seem to have a spare pair of glasses or contact lenses with them! I often feel like asking them a simple question; “You would not drive hundreds or thousands of miles without a spare wheel in your car. So why do you travel with just one pair of glasses?”

I read the Highway Code last night for the first time in years. What surprised me was there is no legal requirement to have a spare pair of glasses if you drive a car. If you intend driving in Europe the situation is totally different. In Europe it is mandatory to have a spare pair of glasses with you at all times when driving.

Another major difference between us and the rest of Europe is the use of anti-reflection coated lenses for driving. In Europe almost every pair of glasses used for distance vision has a specially designed anti-reflection coating to reduce glare from car headlights. An anti-reflection coating will also greatly improve the appearance of your glasses.

Argyll’s roads are some of the most dangerous in Scotland . One reason is the sun is always in your face when driving south and when coming home at night. When this is coupled with the roads invariably being wet it causes major problems with a dangerously dazzling glare. With the new generation of prescription polarised lenses you can dramatically reduce the effects of glare during the day and make your journey much safer.

For a free demonstration of the benefits of anti-reflection coatings and polarised lenses or to have a confidential discussion about your vision and driving simply pop in to any Wallace Optometrists practice.



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